Allow users to use their usernames in-game

Currently we can use ENS names as our identity in WorldwideWeb3. But ENS is fundamentally an ETH-based domain name system and is not designed to be a full-blown identity platform. It lacks critical identity platform features such as cross-platform support and the ability for a user to maintain a decentralized web-based profile page.

Nametag is a blockchain-based identity system that allows you to maintain a web-based profile as well as use your Nametag on different web2 platforms (e.g. Twitter).

This proposal would be to integrate Nametag with WorldwideWeb3 and optionally allow users to display their Nametag identity in-game which would link to their web-based profile page (for example, see my Pathfinder Nametag profile ).


Some thoughts: Users will always need to connect to Webb using an ETH address, but give them the choice to display either their ENS name or their Nametag.

Currently, shift-right-clicking on a user avatar opens up information about the specific NFT they are currently using for their avatar.

But if a user enables and is displaying their Nametag, then shift-right-clicking on their avatar could open up their Nametag profile page (e.g. my own Nametag profile page at Pathfinder)


I think Nametag is starting to find a way for people to standardize their social media name and profile pic across multiple platforms. The first platforms that jump on board with this show that they see the issues with cross-platform naming confusion and want to help their members keep their online identity consistent.

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Good point. I think Webb would be the first metaverse platform to embrace Nametag. That’s good publicity!