Apartment Sizes

It gets kinda tricky increasing only one of the apartments tiles size without doing the others. I feel like mediums should be at 420 just for keeping the ongoing NFT community meme that most projects abide to but if we increase one apartment size we must do the same to others.


Make the tile numbers even :eyes:

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large 420
med 240
small 129

though as a medium apartment holder i’d take any increase ^^


I would like a feature to allow merging of small apartments. So if anyone holds more then one small apartments in a row (like 100 and 101) allow to connect them in the apartment builder. Like its a row house. This would add a unique feature neher seen before and will drive buying away from only floor price action on small apartments because it makes sense then to collect apartment’s based on the number.

I think there’s always gonna be the question of can the small apartments be bigger. i think we can make the increase but it has to be even across the board. The other apartments would need to have similar increases or some sort of added perk (maybe en-suites built in on mediums and large?)

Personally i do think the small apartments feel a little bit cramped so I am for an increase in size

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I think it would be ok to remain nimble on the size of apartments. As the game expands and more features are baked into what can be done in apartments, appropriate sizes may change. Perhaps we really want everyone to be able to have a bedroom and a questing room to launch into gameplay with their friends, and the current smalls just can’t provide that. Despite this, I think a gov vote of one vote per apartment could have obvious skew of the large quantity of small apartments voting as large a space as they can get, where that may not exactly align with what is best for the project.

Rather than using some arbitrary numbers of how much bigger we think smalls should get, I’d rather see examples or analysis of what the added space could be used for. For example:

  • A small can fit a bedroom small kitchen living room and gameroom like a small pad

  • A medium allows for an extra guestroom a full kitchen and gallery that can expand your guild, improve your crafting, and get your friends off the couch.

  • A large has room for a garage for your mounts and backyard for your pets

  • A penthouse has room for a helipad and teleporter

Obviously all fantasy of where this game could go, but I think the logical sizes will change over time as the game develops and see no reason to lock it in immediately.


Based on price each size goes for, the actuality of this is that if Smalls are increased the price will be even more massively off track and the draw to won a larger one lessens, and thus hurts owners of the larger and more exclusive NFTs. IMO smalls should not increase size. In fact if anything Mediums should increase to provide more value to bring the floor price a clear distant above Smalls. If a small is too small for you, buy a medium, the cost difference is not a lot…if you can afford a Small anyway. Same as moving to a new apartment IRL if your current is too small. One can only afford what they can in both digital and real life, but adding value to the NFT class already the best value for resale will only hurt other holders.


I am OC, so 128 smalls is okay with me hehe…


As a Small owner, the current size allotment being an odd number has been frustrating at times.

While I’m all about good fun with the Small’s tile amount as 69. And such is a great onramp to encourage transactions for Mediums.

I’ve found myself ending up builds that only utilize 66 or 68 tiles which feels wasteful. So if it was raised to an even number, like 70, I would be happy.

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This is all really tricky, I have maxed out smalls and mediums and created the layout I wanted - increase the tiles to 80 for smalls, people will find they can’t max out 80 and use only 77 or something, that’s totally possible.

I would rather keep the “meme” number of 69 and 420 for a large maybe. Odd or even number tiles doesn’t seem important for me.

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I think keep at 69.

  • Constraints result in innovation. While 69 may seem small for a home, it could be perfect for a pied-à-terre, artist loft, office.
  • I imagine smalls in prime areas (The Grid)/buildings will trade premium to many mediums and even some larges. A nicely renovated studio apartment in the West Village of Manhattan >>> a 4,000 sqft house in upstate NY.
  • Forces people to think outside the box, make a plane fuselage, train car, art installation, set up portals and have it be a teleportation station
  • make the feature the ability to charge rent to a roommate :rofl: to get the most to-life-experience of living in a city. mediums/larges/penthouses can only rent the full unit out, but smalls can rent out two beds per bathroom

(Roads?! Where we're going We don't need Roads!!! - YouTube)"

“hmm, feels like small is pretty micro” - Myself to @Spot after sizes were revealed.

The Land in our World is called ‘Apartments’, however I think this has held back the thinking on the relative size to real life Apartments. The Decentraland land size is very small (16mx16m, due to all land parcels needing to be part of the same seamless world. Sandbox (96mx96m) and NFT Worlds(many many times bigger than sandbox) are however significantly larger. This is because Sandbox and NFT Worlds are separate worlds (even if connected on a larger map), and load separately. Webb3 Apartments can also be loaded separately, so therefore should be be restricted by this. We are part of The Metaverse, we should not be constrained by the rules of the real world.

The Apartments will not just be used for Apartments, but Shops, Clubs, Gaming Rooms, and many more.

One thing that should be certain here, if we increase the size of one, we should also increase the relative size of each of the sizes, people may have sold their Small already in disappointment and bought a medium for example.

My suggestion is:
169 Small, (+100)
369 Medium, (+200)
769 Large (+400)
6969 Penthouse (+2969 - think team said it was just 4000 currently due to limit)

This keeps with the 69 trend, and makes them reasonably memorable. There is a higher increase to large, but I would argue this is warranted, as there is 1/5 as many Large as Small, and 1/3 as many Large as Medium). The team has hinted other Utilities to each different size to set them apart in addition to the tile limit.

Disclaimer: I own some of each Apartment type.


As a single small apartment owner I hope one day I will get crowds of 50+ people visiting my flat all at once. If that is achievable, ppl won’t be able to see surroundings or navigate in my flat. Imagine that mechanical robot joining in.

Love number 69 - it’s logical and beautiful.

To ease small owner pain, I suggest the following:

  • have an option for visitors to turn off surrounding avatars or make them transperant. So if large crowd joins in you could still see the apartment if you choose to.
  • alternatively, make 2 floors 69 spaces each. (Personal floor (VIP) and Public floor)
    -if a person wants to build the quest, if will remain difficult to do in such small space, so owners will have to get creative (or maybe buy another apartment and join them together)

Large - should get 420 and do whatever they want
Mediums - should remain having struggle - 3 floors 69 each :sweat_smile:


what if apartment sizes differed based on what district you are in? For example: if you are in a suburban or rural district, your unit size is 2x that of a The Grid or another urban district.

In Manhattan 2,000 sqft is huge, in the Midwest it would be small

a penthouse in the Grid could be 1,969 blocks and in Token Valley it may be 6,969 blocks.

a small in the Grid could be 69 blocks, a small in token valley could be 169 blocks

the exact ratios could be adjusted, but this general idea that denser areas should be smaller than sparsely populated areas.

I feel like you should be able to make different apartments different floors. Per say if you own 3 Smalls you can have 3 Floors or something along those lines


I think the mediums and smalls are too small but IF they were stackable this wouldn’t be an issue IMO. Meseta said once that he considers other apartments to be more floors in response to a question about having multiple floors in one apartment so I think if holders own more than one apartment in the same building they should be able to connect them via stairs or something like they are multiple floors of the same apartment. This would further encourage holders to trade to get some or all of their properties in the same building.

Oh and I will also add that there seemed to be two different camps in previous discussions about this: those who treat this more like real life and those who treat it more like a game. Personally, I think it’s a little silly to justify small apartments with arguments about apartments in real life when this is a video game and should be about fun, first and foremost.

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How are small holders gonna ask for a bigger apartment? It’s in the name, small, if you want a bigger apartment go buy a medium or large, that’s the point of the larger sizes. I don’t understand, saw some comment up there saying they want 50 people in their small apartment… This is why mediums are undervalued, you make people too satisfied with their smalls there will be less incentive to buy bigger-sized apartments if the only difference between them currently is just size.

There are 5000 smalls, these are the lowest of entry point to owning land in our metaverse, it should be anchoring for the larger sized apartments. This is like booking a no window cabin in a cruise as the cheapest option, or paying for economy seating on a plane, there’s a reason why they don’t make economy seats comfortable


Yes, at first I thought the webb apartment was a multi-floor structure, but now there is only one floor, which is a bit unexpected (not up to expectations)
Let’s first define what the purpose of the apartment is:

  1. Personal collection, display
  2. Governance, voting, and even the weight of future airdrops
  3. Rental (this part can be attributed to the fourth point)
  4. Event venue

And I think the fourth point is the most important for the entire webb ecosystem. At present, a large number of NFT projects have purchased webb apartments and integrated into webb, but they have not made good use of the apartments. My idea is to add a multi-floor structure to the apartment, and different functions can be customized for different floors.
For example, the apartment of the Doodle project:
1st floor: Showroom (display, trade, auction and price information)
2-4 floors: activity room
Higher floors only allow nft owners to enter
5th floor: conference room (for community call, DAO governance, etc.)

Floor x: Team room

Third-party NFT projects can add games to each floor as needed, such as Kart Racing, fighter game, Skateboard Snake, etc. In fact, these games have already existed before, as long as they are integrated into the builder, the owner can also build their own games (requires the team as soon as possible launch game builder) and even embed contracts in apartments to build their own token economic model (for games, governance or whatever), which can be nested with webb’s token economic model in the future (requires public buildings, such as banks…etc). Yes, it looks like the apartment is an arcade.

There can also be joint events between apartments, for example, at Christmas, doodle and cool cats jointly design a game, the winner will get a custom NFT, and the participants will get a commemorative POAP, etc.

The apartment has a lot of potential, the webb team has not fully developed it

Back to the size of the apartment, if adding a multi-floor structure, my thoughts are:
small : 69 * 3 Floors
medium : 129 * 5 Floors
large : 169 * 7 Floors
penthouse : 300 * 10 Floors

In addition, I suggest that the administrator could open another post to discuss how Webb should proceed and how to build it better. To be honest, relying on the current quests is difficult to retain users, and the team should not only focus on quests. It should be more reasonable for the apartment owner to design these. The team should think about how to design the world view of webb (like all large-scale games, there are origins, mainline, sideline dungeons, etc., of course, there are also social functions), now there are 4 small islands, will there be other continents in the future? And the transcontinental teleportation array, etc.


Agree with @Spike @CoolDude @Ralax . The multi-Floor structure has higher playability. Like Sand and Decentraland, they can expand upwards on the same piece of land. Multi-floor can be used to design complex games.