Apartment Sizes

As a single small apartment owner I hope one day I will get crowds of 50+ people visiting my flat all at once. If that is achievable, ppl won’t be able to see surroundings or navigate in my flat. Imagine that mechanical robot joining in.

Love number 69 - it’s logical and beautiful.

To ease small owner pain, I suggest the following:

  • have an option for visitors to turn off surrounding avatars or make them transperant. So if large crowd joins in you could still see the apartment if you choose to.
  • alternatively, make 2 floors 69 spaces each. (Personal floor (VIP) and Public floor)
    -if a person wants to build the quest, if will remain difficult to do in such small space, so owners will have to get creative (or maybe buy another apartment and join them together)

Large - should get 420 and do whatever they want
Mediums - should remain having struggle - 3 floors 69 each :sweat_smile:


what if apartment sizes differed based on what district you are in? For example: if you are in a suburban or rural district, your unit size is 2x that of a The Grid or another urban district.

In Manhattan 2,000 sqft is huge, in the Midwest it would be small

a penthouse in the Grid could be 1,969 blocks and in Token Valley it may be 6,969 blocks.

a small in the Grid could be 69 blocks, a small in token valley could be 169 blocks

the exact ratios could be adjusted, but this general idea that denser areas should be smaller than sparsely populated areas.

I feel like you should be able to make different apartments different floors. Per say if you own 3 Smalls you can have 3 Floors or something along those lines


I think the mediums and smalls are too small but IF they were stackable this wouldn’t be an issue IMO. Meseta said once that he considers other apartments to be more floors in response to a question about having multiple floors in one apartment so I think if holders own more than one apartment in the same building they should be able to connect them via stairs or something like they are multiple floors of the same apartment. This would further encourage holders to trade to get some or all of their properties in the same building.

Oh and I will also add that there seemed to be two different camps in previous discussions about this: those who treat this more like real life and those who treat it more like a game. Personally, I think it’s a little silly to justify small apartments with arguments about apartments in real life when this is a video game and should be about fun, first and foremost.

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How are small holders gonna ask for a bigger apartment? It’s in the name, small, if you want a bigger apartment go buy a medium or large, that’s the point of the larger sizes. I don’t understand, saw some comment up there saying they want 50 people in their small apartment… This is why mediums are undervalued, you make people too satisfied with their smalls there will be less incentive to buy bigger-sized apartments if the only difference between them currently is just size.

There are 5000 smalls, these are the lowest of entry point to owning land in our metaverse, it should be anchoring for the larger sized apartments. This is like booking a no window cabin in a cruise as the cheapest option, or paying for economy seating on a plane, there’s a reason why they don’t make economy seats comfortable


Yes, at first I thought the webb apartment was a multi-floor structure, but now there is only one floor, which is a bit unexpected (not up to expectations)
Let’s first define what the purpose of the apartment is:

  1. Personal collection, display
  2. Governance, voting, and even the weight of future airdrops
  3. Rental (this part can be attributed to the fourth point)
  4. Event venue

And I think the fourth point is the most important for the entire webb ecosystem. At present, a large number of NFT projects have purchased webb apartments and integrated into webb, but they have not made good use of the apartments. My idea is to add a multi-floor structure to the apartment, and different functions can be customized for different floors.
For example, the apartment of the Doodle project:
1st floor: Showroom (display, trade, auction and price information)
2-4 floors: activity room
Higher floors only allow nft owners to enter
5th floor: conference room (for community call, DAO governance, etc.)

Floor x: Team room

Third-party NFT projects can add games to each floor as needed, such as Kart Racing, fighter game, Skateboard Snake, etc. In fact, these games have already existed before, as long as they are integrated into the builder, the owner can also build their own games (requires the team as soon as possible launch game builder) and even embed contracts in apartments to build their own token economic model (for games, governance or whatever), which can be nested with webb’s token economic model in the future (requires public buildings, such as banks…etc). Yes, it looks like the apartment is an arcade.

There can also be joint events between apartments, for example, at Christmas, doodle and cool cats jointly design a game, the winner will get a custom NFT, and the participants will get a commemorative POAP, etc.

The apartment has a lot of potential, the webb team has not fully developed it

Back to the size of the apartment, if adding a multi-floor structure, my thoughts are:
small : 69 * 3 Floors
medium : 129 * 5 Floors
large : 169 * 7 Floors
penthouse : 300 * 10 Floors

In addition, I suggest that the administrator could open another post to discuss how Webb should proceed and how to build it better. To be honest, relying on the current quests is difficult to retain users, and the team should not only focus on quests. It should be more reasonable for the apartment owner to design these. The team should think about how to design the world view of webb (like all large-scale games, there are origins, mainline, sideline dungeons, etc., of course, there are also social functions), now there are 4 small islands, will there be other continents in the future? And the transcontinental teleportation array, etc.


Agree with @Spike @CoolDude @Ralax . The multi-Floor structure has higher playability. Like Sand and Decentraland, they can expand upwards on the same piece of land. Multi-floor can be used to design complex games.


I am thinking in terms of two things: scalability and utility.

How many users will a future state server be able to host in any one instance? If a large influencer were to hold an event in a small apartment - how many users can said influencer comfortably entertain? For a game that will presumably grow into the millions - do we feel experiences inside small apartments will feel cramped? How do we feel about experiences feeling cramped? At 9490 apartments, this is ~100 user per apartment. For small apartments, that’s closer to ~200 users per apartment. If a large influencer hosts an event - they may have thousands of users attend.

I think of my small apartment as a place where I will be able to host IRL life tasks, like: Zoom Calls (Webb Calls?), general meetings, send email, play music , share files, host poker night (maybe with a few friend spectators), etc. Maybe we can integrate the ability to create apartment mini games where users learn about an apartment event throughout the game. Small apartments are at risk of feeling cramped really fast, potentially affecting overall utility.

For these reasons, and with future utility/scale in mind, I think we should proportionally increase all sizes (to keep things fair for all holders).


I think different servers can be used for shunting, which is assigned by the background or the user can choose(Decentraland uses servers with different names). At the same time, the web page is also displayed by users of the same server

The multiple floor idea seems to be a good way to increase the amount of floor space while still maintaining the e.g. “small size” feel, staying true to its name. Also increases value for all apartment owners.

Secondly it also adds another dynamic element where each floor has a different purpose etc. or hidden themes- which cannot be done with a single floor.

Thirdly, I think a lot of people saw having a full building in their wallet as something that may give them access to a full ‘building’ as well, and multiple floors satisfies that desire.


This size breakdown is pretty much what I was thinking.

The current size is also very limiting for creative builds. My first idea was to do my small’s collection number but I didn’t have enough blocks lol

@retrom Although it alleviates some of the size issues, it’s probably worthy of its own proposal if anyone wants to create it.


Just some thoughts:

Smalls’ size seems likely to exclude them from future game elements

  • A lot of holders see WWW as extremely long term and with truly infinite potential but will the size of the Smalls limit holders from fully enjoying the game as more and more updates are rolled out in future?
  • Even currently, feels like Smalls already wont be able to fully utilise and appreciate features such as upcoming quest builder and NPCs.
  • No matter how creative u are, what u can do within the apartment is ultimately still limited by the amount of squares you have.
    -Bigger size just means more freedom and possibilities for creativity and effective utilisation of future features.

Impact of size change on pricing

  • Size change would definitely impact price but it could actually be a positive impact if more users see that smalls are now more worth to buy and push floor price up which is generally good for overall awareness of the project.
  • As long as other apartment types’ sizes are increased proportionately to Smalls, it wouldnt create that much fluctuation in relative prices between apartment types in near term. E.g Medium holders wont think that suddenly their apartments are worth less relatively.
  • By increasing size of all apartments proportionately, it also wont punish the “smart” people who swapped their smalls into mediums when the apartment builder was launched and they realised how small Smalls were.

The 69 meme

  • Appreciate the meme and intentionally relating the sizes to it. But the fun of using the meme should not outweigh the fun from actually being able to play the game to its fullest potential
  • Having big enough apartments with more possibilities for creativity and developing fun quests should have more priority than having 69 in the actual size of the apartment.
  • how bout 69 eth floor instead?

Yes, and some owners think that the size of the small apartment is small because they think it will affect the subsequent $Webb token airdrop (of course, the Webb team has not officially announced that there will be a token airdrop), so the team should consider the number of token airdrops. There is no linear relationship with the overall size of the apartment (it can be better allocated according to the proportion of mint price), so that the final apartment size can be revised with a relatively large adjustment range, and it will not cause opposition from the owners

I have always had a strong view against limiting creativity in metaverse games (which is what we do by only allowing land/apartment holders to create and contribute).
For me, how the apartments are used will determine the future and success of worldwide webb, the same way that land use will determine whether other metaverses succeed or not.

  1. I am in general against only allowing apartment holders to build games/experiences on worldwide webb
  2. I am also against limiting the size of the games/experiences created by apartment holders.

The more quests/games/experiences built by users in worldwide webb the better. Quality will be easily filtered and only the good ones will succeed. Only allowing apartment holders to build in the game is like for youtube to limit the creation of youtube channels to 10.000. You end up lossing a lot of talent and good content, and giving it to competitors.
I honestly think that apartments will need rethinking in the long run, maybe they need to be something completely different and give holders something different that the right to build within the game (which in my view should be accessible to anybody).
I also think that limiting the quests/games/experiences that we will be able to create to a single apartment is not a good idea, I can see NFT collections creating quests like the bobu one in Worldwide webb, in which it will be necessary to interact with several buildings (which allow quest creator to be more creative and for the quest to be more fun).
There are several ways to reward apartments holders (I have apartments myself), but I do not consider that the best way of doing so is by only allowing apartment holders to build in the game .

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Personally, I think 69 small is too small if the future will be a space for people to participate in the area or do activities.

For me, I have a plan to make a small gallery using small apartments as my space. Which I think is a bit too small to do that.

but above all I’m just part of the opinion. which I see that there are family of Worldwide Webb who recommend very well in the community right now

I’m just here to offer ideas that I hope to see. as the owner of small Worldwide Webb

Best, Pannawat.eth

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I’m down for tile increasing as long as the other type of apartments get an increase.
Thing about small apartments is, that we really don’t know what’s separating them between mediums. And I think we could agree, that a line between mediums and smalls is quite thin as it is, so it really makes no sense to increase smalls, and leave mediums aside, thus making that same line even thinner.

small is too small People in many countries have a complex relationship with the size of the house. We are already in the field of web3, so why limit it? bigger, why not

Anyone can build and arrange the game, but if anyone want to arrange the game in the apartment, they can choose to buy or rent the apartment, which is also a way of circulating $Webb in the future

Some thoughts on the game

Main Game:
The game and the script are designed by the webb team, the scope of the game: the whole server

Side games(quests):
designed by apartment owners,Third-party NFT projects(they can buy or rent, one usage of $Webb), the game scope is basically carried out inside the apartment

Festivals and various cross-community and cross-project events(quests):
can be jointly designed by webb team, multiple NFT porjects and
apartment owners, ranging between multiple apartments or expanding to the whole server

The games of the sideline and the events are designed by the event organizer using the game builder, or purchased the games that have been designed by others. Yes, we need a Game store where anyone can sell their games (another usage of $Webb), similar to the app store or gala.games, so that more people can participate in designing games to enrich the Game store

I believe this will be mostly done by apartment owners allowing proxy access to their apartment with more than 1 key- I imagine penthouses will have many keys due to the number of people in their community.

This could potentially lead to as many as 50,000+ keys being available for builders- with the network effect preventing bad actors and spammers from creating quests: a natural filter via social referral.

Extra note: on top of that, i think proposals for mini games and quests etc by non-keyholders can be submitted to the DAO for approval via vote. Or voted by the apartment/area in which the mini game or quest will be.

I agree and support making the apartment bigger.
However, I propose an alternative way to do this is:

  1. Tile size of apartments is increased overtime or by quest and not straight away
  2. Tile size of apartments can only be increased either through time rate (e.g. extra 15 tiles every quarter for small, extra 30 tiles every quarter for medium, etc.) OR can be increased for completing certain P2E quest in-game
  3. There is a maximum threshold size where each apartment can grow to (e.g. Small to 100, Medium to 240, etc.)
  4. When apartments hit certain sizes, there are perks/benefits that can be unlocked.
    (e.g. when small hits 90 tiles - they can unlock new utility, when medium hits 200 tiles - they can unlock new utility)


  1. Encourage holders to spend time in-game next time doing P2E quest so that they can grow their apartment, hence increase active user engagements
  2. Encourage people to hold on to their apartments over time, as they can grow their apartment & get better utility
  3. Long run-wise, after apartment sizes hit maximum threshold. The additional utility for holding through each quarter, will unlock better utilities which can be discussed and creatively brainstormed by the community together.
  4. There will be value generation for people who hodl the apartments and complete P2E quests which create incentives for diamond holders and attracting new people

PS: I used quarterly as frequency, but I understand in NFT space quarterly may be too long. It can be monthly as well.