Being present on Instagram?

What do you guys thing about extending our range and show presents on instagram. Nfts will be integrated soon, we should not miss that if we want to be „the platform“!


I agree.
We should be on IG.
What’s the username though?


Domain also available for sale.

So if we’re talking about IG should we talk about tiktok ? I’m not a user of it but lot of trends come up from here

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It looks like @wwwebb3 is available as well.


Yes, TikTok is also an important platform, but I thinks it’s more about presenting yourself and make funny videos. But I’m only using instagram.
Instagram will be the place a lot people will get in touch with nfts for the first time, that’s why I think it will be important for us.


I agree, especially in case of the nft integration! Speaking about tiktok, Im not a big fan of it, I don’t think it will be a big resource for us.

I agree without a doubt. There’s alot of NFT activity going on Instagram and we should extend our outreach especially because the game is playable on mobile devices!


Im a Big instagram user ! so yeah! and the name?.. WorldWideW3bb

I started typing and stopped because this is a can of worms.

Yes yes yes yes.

Tik Tok.

BUT. I think we need great play to earn mobile games out and tested to push that side of things. Which we will for sure.


Yes, we should be on Instagram.

IG is more visual based than twitter, and I believe IG-stories can play a big role with user/fan interactions.

We are a project that embraces interoperability of JPGs - people need to see the range of different projects in the game, how people interact, everything.

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It’s not an example but SHIB and DOGE were promoted on tiktok and a lot of buyers came from here :smile:

IG or TikTok I think it’s really different from twitter and we need someone who know the codes to manage them

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TikTok has such a large audience that I think it’s worth figuring out an account that would draw people in. The challenge is the overall sentiment and lack of education on NFT’s on the platform based on my limited use of it.

Here’s one idea - a real person talking, potentially with an avatar or CryptoWeeb over their face with an “Intro to WEBB3/web3” series. Follow up with talking about funny in-game happenings/memes spaced with integrations/updates. The intro series would be there for reference to onboard n00bs.


I think TikTok is easily the best platform to grow any brand’s social media presence and that webb should definitely be on there.


I feel like there should be Instagram and TikTok presence as well. But I think there should be some decently cut content on those platforms, not just random stuff. And there should be at least like a post per day.

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Yep like a real strategy behind it

Make sure you register all potential names because someone might snipe them.

wwwebb3 really nice one I vote that

Instagram and tik tok accounts are both great ideas! Maybe we should have a youtube channel as well? It would be cool to live stream events or quests and could act as advertising for the project.

Its a un tapped market for NFT’s, my suggestion is to hire a social media manager for TikTok and let them run with any ideas.