Build a "Thirsty Bean" member-only club for Bobu token holders

I support the idea of Azuki having a dedicated club. I think it will be good for the overall project given the club is mostly open to the public with maybe a vip area for azuki/bean holders.

Mindset is that if Azuki becomes popular, which they already are to a large degree but I think they will get far more popular, then people will want exposure to them with associated items/games.

Obviously only when there is free time for devs to do so, I imagine there is a huge list of priority stuff they have to do atm.


I think what you write should be a “privilege” for penthouses owners, and I believe that one of the penthouse owners is the Forgotten Wizard Runes project.

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In the litepaper there is a part about Business Building :

There is 4 examples:

  • Nightclubs
  • Bars
  • Vendors
  • Stores

So i guess in the future if a community want to have a “club” they could buy a business building to do so and everybody will be equal :slight_smile:


@kabu Then wouldn’t it follow that the thirsty wizard currently as it sits… “damages the rights and interests of apartment owners”

@ABBBBBBB I like the premise of the idea. I would like to see what the team has in store for so called businesses specifically before commenting on implementation, as that may change entirely how this custom in-game space works.
Say… What if the thirsty wizard itself is a a demo on to how business spaces will work?

I do agree providing spaces for high value communities to engage with and interact is important. One quest isn’t enough to get players to come back time after time