DAO Governance Incentives to increase voter turnout

Latest DAO votes: The last two governance votes had only 119 and 152 voters, with only 300-700 votes (1 per apartment) out of around 9069 Apartments (this assumes the team does not vote). This allows 1 or more large holders to easily swing the vote. If 50% of Apartments were used to vote, even the top few holders could not swing the vote maliciously to their own benefit.

Problem with DAOs: DAO Governance turnout is a serious issue in most DAOs, most do not bother. Why vote when you have a small vote, when you can just be out-voted by a whale and there is no benefit?

Here are a few relevant discussions and articles:

Who has a large DAO turnout?(Should bigger apartments get more votes? - #11 by terrybuddy)
Now, what is a protocol that actually has a high participation rate AND is a game AND actually has playable characters in Webb3? AAVEgotchi!

So how do they do it? They incentivise voting! For comparison, they had 5600 voting members and the game is only just launching in a week or so! What they offer currently is all wallets that vote on a proposal are given a small amount of XP for each AAVEgotchi they own. This adds up over time, and allows their AAVEgotchi’s to earn more in farming, and other utilities in the future. Note that if you got 100 AAVEgotchi’s, you will get the XP for each of them.

Suggestion: Incentivise voting in Webb3. The most obvious and probably easiest way to do this would be to set aside a portion of the latest quests NFT Items for voters, just like it is done for sharing and liking the quest post on twitter (note the large number of interactions). I would predict at least 50% of Apartments would be used to vote in a snapshot if it in effect entered the voter into a raffle to win a rare NFT Item. This would come at no marginal cost to the team (besides work to run the raffle), as the NFT Items would already be created by the team.

There is a question, 1 entry per account OR 1 entry per Apartment OR 1 entry per vote (Which could mean Higher size Apartments get more entries, assuming Should bigger apartments get more votes? - #11 by terrybuddy passes). I would note that AAVEGotchi uses a mathematical formula that takes the wallets $GHST Tokens, and all of their NFTs into account (The Rarer, the more votes), and gives them a weighted vote based on that.

In the future once the Continuous game is launched, the incentive could change to give you XP or in game benefits, but that could be decided later down the track.

Disclaimer: I own a large amount of Apartments, so this would benefit me in terms of possible raffle entries, but also would reduce my chance of being able to swing a vote and make it more fair.


Let more people participate in governance is very important

I believe this is an issue that will somewhat fix its self as the game develops, as of now from my knowledge I believe the only voting going on is to pick a winner for a contest. There is no incentive for people to vote on proposals that are not related to the game e.g. Contests, so there will be a lower voter turnout, this can be fixed by incentives like you mentioned. A route that I think will be better and more efficient is to not have contest be decided by holders rather by the community as a whole through twitter. This will allow any participates to push their design to their fans for them to vote which in turn pushed the project to more people. There is no reason for only holders being eligible to pick the winners for a contest.

Now when proposals are centered around the game and building one I can see an increase of voted. Who hasn’t wanted to build their own game before or at least have an interest in trying it out?

We’ve already seen how passionate, dedicated, and loyal gaming communities are dozens of times over the years, which means maybe when you combine giving them actual power to their voice and a say in things + genuinely owning the project where that voice is heard you might end up with real participation in a DAO like-setting

When there are more proposals centered around the game, there will be a increase of votes to what extent I don’t know. We can come back to this question if there is still a lack of voter turnout when the proposals are about the game.

I didn’t heard about the previous votes. Where can I find out about next voting?

Here is where you can vote if you are a apartment holder.

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Mention token distribution between apartment sizes and watch the vote count go from 700 to 5000 lol.

Another option would be to issue a POAP to those that vote. I am in another DAO on Snapshot that does this so it shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate. The art could be something iconic from the game in a seasonal build like an ETH Node or generic herb so people will want to collect them. There could be future utility for being active/acquiring POAPs through these snapshot votes. For example, holding 5 POAP’s to get into a VIP area for voters.