Friends List/Guild System - Social Metaverse

As we all know, the social aspect of the Metaverse is one of the most important. I suggest we implement some sort of friend/guild system to help boost this area. Here are some ideas that I’ve taken from the wide range of MMO’s I’ve played throughout my life:

Friends System

  • See where your friends are and teleport to them (assuming not private apartment)

  • See how long your friend has been on. This would be great for convo starters. People like to brag about how many hours they’ve been on.

  • Option to go invisible and/or block to avoid stalkers.

  • Heart system that gives you more points when you hang out with the same person. More points = a star next to that persons name in your friend chat tab. If hearts are high enough you can even get married? Family system?

  • Incentivizing social interaction. You can have a “speed-dating event” which lasts for 6 hours on some random day. People are tasked to make a new friend and get some heart points together to show that they’ve hung out. The reward could be something small like a cheap energy booster.

Guild System

  • To create guild you need X material. Helps drive demand for resources in game and maybe the token. You can even give the guild different upgrades. Like a tier 1 guild requires 500 wood. A tier 2 guild requires 5000 wood and 5000 stone. Different tiers have different rewards.

  • Guilds can compete with each other in games/challenges/quests/raids. The “winning” guild gets a banner put up that everyone else in the metaverse can see. PFP projects will fight over this.

Please let me know what you think or if you have any ideas of your own!


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Friend system is a crucial component in traditional online games to improve user retainment. In web3, the openness of public on-chain credentials can be leveraged. Given a wallet address, some information regarding the social status of the user is already known before interaction with the game, such as (1) what NFTs it holds (2) POAPs it holds (3) Galaxy credentials (similar to POAP but not in the form of NFT) (4) Social graph built on Lens Protocol

This can lead to interesting interactions and make it easier to onboard new users, such as

  • Users holding the same PFP NFT become friends in the friend system by default, or they are highlighted in the friend recommendation list.
  • If users follow each other in Lens Protocol (the following credentials is on Polygon), they become friends by default
  • If friends within the same PFP NFT community gather in one place, some visual effects come up. If they play the same mini-game together, the abilities are boosted
  • Given the wallet activity in the past, user automatically joins “DeFi guild”, “NFT trader guild”, “Metaverse resident guild” and gains access to certain places in the game, obtains certain resources, etc.

The ethos of web3 lies in openness and interoperability. In-game friend and guild relationships can be consolidated into NFT. Vitalik proposes “Soulbound NFT” which is non-transferrable token bound to a wallet. I’d love to see Worldwide Webb uses and expands on such a groundbreaking concept to build into friend system