Fun Game Mode Suggestion - "Jump Quests"

I spent a lot of my childhood playing a game called Maplestory. This was the most successful 2D MMO for my generation. They had a unique mini-game in their metaverse that was really frustrating but REALLY FUN at the same time. I would literally spend 10+ hours completing these to get the prize at the end.

Basically you have to get to the end point by jumping on these platforms. There’s all these flying objects + moving platforms + mobs that are trying to knock you down. Sometimes you would make 1 small mistake and fall, losing half an hours worth of progress.

This can become a very fun SOCIAL MODE. There were events where gamemasters (GMs) came in and offered a reward to whoever got to the end of the jump quest first. The GMs would summon monsters randomly on platforms and screw everyone over. Imagine having celebs come in and have the ability to fuck with 100s of people.

You could make this into a PVP MODE. For example imagine BYAC vs Doodle. Both groups load up with as many of their NFT hodlers that are willing to come at the bottom of the map and race to the top. It would be like sports. You could have a stadium for people to come watch the match and even bet on it. Tournaments even!

You could even make it so that friends can race each other for items. Everyone bets a mooncat and first one to get to the end of a map takes it all!

From one of the comments in the video: "When i played maple and i had to do a jump quest me and my friends would always get on team speak and do the JQ together, so much fun hearing everyone getting mad at it LOL. Ahh good times. "

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This is an excellent game idea. I found this similar to Super Mario Maker which I played a lot during my childhood where the community would create their own levels for people to complete. However, it didn’t quite have that social aspect Maple Story has.

I think that when the SDK gamebuilder is released being able to create something like this would be a really cool opportunity to connect with the community and allow people to compete with each other when completing different jump quests together.

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