How do we incentivize holders of NFTs from integrated projects to continue to visit Webb?

When Webb integrates with an NFT project, we give holders of that NFT the opportunity to be inworld using a custom avatar based on their NFT PFP.

And sometimes we have a special event like the Bobu Bash that incentivizes them to come inworld for a specific event with prizes.

But what happens after that? How do we keep them coming back?

Some ideas:

  1. Organize regularly scheduled special quests or live events geared towards different integrated NFT projects.

  2. Monitor social media for people who have just received a new NFT and inform them “Congratulations! Now you can be your NFT in Webb!” (simple example here)

  3. Schedule special drops for holders of integrated NFT projects that require them to spend x amount of time inworld to be eligible. (need to make sure they are active and not just sitting idle in a browser tab, otherwise this will be immediately gamed/farmed like energy is now)

Eventually, the integrated NFT projects will form their own inworld communities and be able to do all 3 of these things on their own.

But we’re at the super early community development stage where we need to cultivate and incentivize initial growth ourselves.

If we do it right, these communities will take root, bring in their own advocates and leaders and community builders, and then we step back and watch them grow on their own.

Thoughts and more ideas?


These are great thoughts. A couple other ideas to go along with yours:

  • Communities that spend a lot of time in-world could be granted a spot like The Thirsty Wizard that is exclusively for that community.

  • A frequently updated “Integrated Projects” list - ideally it would be dynamic and show:

  1. Avatars & Pet lists
  2. Picture of project art & the avatar/pet integrated in WEBB3
  3. Links to socials/secondary sale sites.
  4. Integration Date
  5. OpenSea/LooksRare Floor Price - for people new to WEBB3 seeking an avatar/pet.
  6. Current in-world perks - Example - Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult - entry to The Thirsty Wizard, VIP lounge in Teshimi.
  • Potential to rent out Teshimi or another venue for a community event. Larva Lads did Ladurday Night Live one Saturday and streamed live music outside of WEBB3 while Lads met in OG Teshimi.

As the game sits right now there is not a lot of in game stuff that can be done with that being said I think just as a community we always have to welcoming and helping to new integrated projects. A strong community beats everything and right now our community is strong when welcoming new projects. As the game develops I am sure that integrated projects will be able to have there own hangout spot like thirsty wizard or the booth in Teshimi

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I know that most discord groups have weekly games- usually something like poker or some other type of fun game (smash karts) that doesnt require complex series of actions. Usually they do this with giveaways, sometimes just for fun.

If webb land can provide a way to mix these games with NFT avatars + web3 connectivity it would provide incentive to choose this over their weekly web2 games.


One thing i think could work and help build the community more is creating Integrated NFT Quest Teams. You could do this by asking the NFT projects that are integrated to create a team of their community members to write quests for WEBB. These could then be submitted to the webb team for further review and hopeful integration and this would allow dedicated content that these specific projects want to see on the metaverse.

Another point that has just come to mind is offering Sneak peeks for new projects using apartments as galleries! Would be a cool way for communites to show a reveal. Maybe even a simple quest to follow some clues to find a location where a reveal/sneak peek of an NFT/or anything the community wants to show off hanging in a picture in an apartment!


Hey fam I have an idea.

You should check this game first, so you can understand me easily →

Let’s say each color represents one nft project.

  • If you see a different NFT project while navigating the map, you can attack.

  • And the other NFT project can defend itself against you. and his teammates can help too.

  • You can help your teammate during the fight. You can attack your opponent together.

The attack can be a click game, just like when digging gold (FED forest)

Also, Webb items can be used as special attacks.

If you have noticed, there are small color dots collected from around in the game.

These are used as health power and can be added to the map as random.

When you beat your opponent (other nft project) you will get his health power.

Heath power is tradable


Very good, this is what I want recommend. However, these operations should be organized by third-party NFT projects themselves, and theWebb team can give them suggestions, joint participation, but the sponsor is preferably the third-party NFT projects.
They can hold various quests, events, and even airdrops with contract functions (NFT, POAP, Token, etc.), and Webb can support them.

In addition, regarding the event venue, I think it should be recommended to use an apartment (purchase or rent). When the game builder is launched in the future, it can be combined with the existing apartment builder to make the apartment into any desired form.

For projects that cannot be bought or rented, Webb Team can provide a public building for limited-time events (Webb should build several venues to deal with such situations). It is not recommended to build buildings like thirsty wizard for each project. This is also to make use of the apartment


Some ideas:

  1. Integrate with POAP to encourage event participation, just like what Decentraland did. Whenever there is an event with collectable POAP, there are many people visiting.
  2. Rewarding community event organizers / attendants with in-game items or special furnitures. Like if they get 100 people gathered at their apartment and they share a tweet, they’ll be rewarded with a shiny golden furniture that cannot be obtained elsewhere
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Really like this idea. Something playable simply between people in game is a great idea while we wait for other things to be built out.
How about a simple shooter? Gas is your health. Add dodge roll capability like Gungeon, invincible in roll, it adds so much.

Proximity audio plus a never ending shooter with boosts and item boxes like Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon would be fun.
Same NFT collections don’t hurt each other. Maybe add a capture the flag feature and try to control zones. Leading collection owns, operates remodels thirsty wizard, it keeps that name.

If you run out of gas u die and respawn in the graveyard where Solid Stakes gives you stealth camo (don’t fight) OR a Colt single action army (fight). Return to snake if you want to trade item.
You then have to grind gold a bit to buy gas if you want to fight.


I have an idea for a simple game where participants must answer a series of questionnaire by stepping in O/X (Right or Wrong) platform. The community can host this game regularly inside their apartments. With enough prize incentive, the players should be interested into participating.

Maybe showing how many unique visitors from each project can trigger competitive spirit and we’ll be able to figure out a quota for further Webb3 incentive later on.

Another idea is to build something to visualize community project’s treasury within their apartments. Maybe make a contract for giveaway activity to make them want to participate live event.

A mechanism i got to know from other projects is a daily/hourly game i can play to earn coins etc.
This coins can be used to buy certain objects or there is a competition between the projects, which one earned the most per player or in total.
Everyone loves to play and win… :slight_smile:

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Maybe we can make a feature where when we connect to www3 we can send friend requests to people we connect with and see when they choose to be seen available online. We can include private messaging and invitations to our apts and private events once request has been accepted. I believe this will make people stay online and interact together. Airdrops and events will always bring people in but I believe people who actually just love the game want to spend time with people who also share the same interests.


Here is my idea on incentivising integrated collection holders to visit WEBB3:

Having continuous quests where people have to grind, play games or solve puzzles daily and there is a “gang war” going on were all the points go to the “gang” (collection)

for example if i play with my mooncat as avatar all the points go to the mooncat gang.
If i change my avatar in the game to a dickbutt, all my earned points go to dickbutts team

Every week there is a prize for the best collection.


what if the prize was the top collection had their mascot posted on a huge billboard/leaderboard in the city center?!


agreed - once we enable some sort of competition between communities, they will be incentivized to rally their troops to jump onto web.

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