Is there a certain incentive policy about the integrated solution type1~type5?

As you know we have 5 integration categories.
These types are different for the cost of the project, and the price to be paid. It does cost a lot to make a set of type5 integrations.
Has the team considered rewarding these integrations accordingly?
As of now, there is no benefit to the project in terms of which integration solution to use.

If you have other ideas, feel free to explore them.
My opinion is that the more you pay, the more you should be rewarded.
type1 Give token
type2 give token
type3 Give token
type4 Give NFT
type5 give rare NFT
Just as an analogy, I tend to give these projects and studios the rewards they deserve for paying the price.


Personally I don’t think its necessary to offer incentives to collections who pay to integrate. It is a decision that the collection makes to either join Webb or not, and they also choose what level of integration (and what cost) they are comfortable with.

Joining the Webb ecosystem provides new utility to each of these collections as its something additional holders can do using their PFPs. It also brings new awareness to the collections as people begin to see them walking around in-game and the ones that look amazing will draw a lot of attention from prospective collectors.

There will also be collection-based leaderboards for the mini-games which will result in prizes for the winners etc, so that is something extra too.