Landholders Need Utility

Or else what’s the point of holding?

Hi @cheddy , thanks for the Forum post.

Current initial Utility:
-Landholder discord
-Landholder Raffles
-Landholder only quests
-Landholder only Parties
-Access to build your Apartment and expose it to Opensea.
-Ability to vote on DAO snapshots

I would agree that those utilities in themselves do not justify a huge value yet, and that there is no benefit to holding more apartments OR a larger size (vs just a small). However, these are the future planned announced utilities:

Future Landholder Utility
-Multiplayer Apartments, with spacial voice chat
-Ability to create no code Quests
-Ability to use SDK to hook up external games created, use the avatars, and a way to monetize this.
-Delegation tool for apartments (I am assuming that could mean renting, or possibly revenue share, but unconfirmed).
-In game resources
-In game business
-Possible Revenue share of advertising(?)
-Access to Rare Items
-Access to Rare Raids
-Ability to sell NFTs from your Apartment
-Restrict access to wallets or NFTs/Collections to your Apartment

The utilities above will scale with Apartment Size. The one thing to note is that the ‘future’ utilities mostly will take time to develop, so you are betting on the future value of these Utilities. If they already existed right now, the price would be far higher likely.

If you have any other suggestions for utility both in short and long run, please write.


very great proposal, and hope the team could consider this

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