Should bigger apartments get more votes?

Mint prices can be good indicators for vote share though. It is obviously much more moderated than floor prices, but it is a fair distribution. Penthouses having 4x the voting power of Large is good enough IMO.

The idea should not be to equalise the voting power with the economic value. Voting power should not be an entirely driven by the market value. A stupid analogy may be that Universal Adult Franchise offers one vote per citizen regardless of the wealth and value they create for the economy. This is to bring democracy in opinions, equitable distribution of powers as a community etc.

In the NFT space, economy is obviously a big part of the equation and hence we can’t really try to make it so democratic. But, there should be a mixed bag of voting power driven from both; (i) ensuring greater power for larger apartment holders because of the faith and stake they have in our ecosystem, but also (ii) ensuring other community members, who may have shelled out larger percentages of their portfolio to get their hands on even one small apartment.

To address both, mint prices are a good indicator of proportional sharing of voting power where utility and price differences are factored in, but it does not dilute the smaller apartment votes as much. Also, many penthouse owners generally would have many other apartments too, so it protects them from larages or smalls outvoting them to an extent.

The mint price might be too subjective since we don’t know how that number was decided and the changing dynamics in the market post mint.

I think one assumption we should consider is that a lot of Penthouses are owned by a whole community, sometimes 10,000 within that community and that community paying 10x more than larges which is a big commitment to make- so only having 4x the voting power of large may be too low, if there are 10,000 votes going into each penthouse vote.

One variable that isn’t subjective is the apartment size ratio- maybe this with some weighting to determine the outcome. As long as each apartment size has roughly the same total voting power so no one apartment size can swing a vote.

Apartment size count is 5000, 3000, 1000, 69. Converted it would be 1, 2 , 5, 73 based off count ratio rounded up. Maybe penthouses can be reduced to 40 which is less than 10x the large voting power, and which aligns with AB’s current math on current value x ratio.

Technically someone could just buy 40x smalls instead of a penthouse (if penthouse was only 20x small voting power) if all they cared about was voting power based on current prices. But, I do agree no single item should have too much power given the web3 decentralisation thesis.

One thing I feel is that the 1, 2, 5 for the small, medium and large is the perfect ratio for votes. As you go up in apartment size you have larger communities within them, though not always the case.

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