Should we host discussions inside of Webb?

What do you all think about having scheduled meetings to discuss these sort of forum topics inside of Webb?

  • choose a time/building to have meeting
  • enable longer chat character limits for the meeting (until proximity chat is enabled)
  • someone takes meeting minutes and posts to forum after
  • allows all of us to test out using Webb for a work-like purpose (office/conference room)

I am a big proponent of this. I think any type of event, especially if organized by the community, within the game that is recurring on a regular basis will be really good for discussion and build people’s habit of jumping into the game.

Regarding the character limit, I think it should be increased overall because the current character limit does not allow a conversation to flow and thoughts to be conveyed naturally.


I’ve been posting in #suggestions ideas before for “spaces” or talks to be held inside WEBB venues.

But I am wondering, are you suggesting this more for the privacy-aspect of proposals here? or more of a general feature for WEBB?

I think keeping it with limited-characters in the “world-chat” is okay, but I agree on having longer messages for meetings/parties/get-togethers in apartments. Voice and video chat will be coming too - those and longer messages are very great features moving forward.

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Couldn’t agree less, it boosts activity, engagement, and after all you get to listen to the ideas that possibly were not present during the forum discussion.

A good moderation would be a must, so character limit should still be present, but increased. Perhaps it would be alright to introduce an idea of the interval based chatting/talking, where after some time it gets stopped, so the moderators team/lead can make a brief summary of what was discussed, thus keeping the pace with the productivity.

We’re working on furniture for Webb whereby users can get up on stage and talk in a sort of panel like environment.

I see this as almost like a town hall situation where users can come and talk and listen to the conversation live inside Webb.

Would be good to then formalise those conversations here.


There should be moderators for each session which have ability to mute someone to prevent spamming.

I think an in-game voting board for topics that get high level of engagement. So dao members can vote directly on these things?

I definitely support this especially once proximity chat becomes available :grin:

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