Solana PFP Integration: A Blue Ocean Strategic Move


Allow integration of Solana NFTs as Avatars


The Solana NFT ecosystem is currently exploding in active users

According to Nansen, Solana now has the most active addresses out of ALL blockchains (

This is caused by the recent global interest in Solana NFTs. The communities built on Solana have shown that they can give ETH projects a run for their money. ( - shows that half of the most active communities on Twitter are Solana NFTs)

The majority of Retail is interested in NFTs but CAN NOT afford to onboard via ETH due to gas fees. It’s as simple as that. They don’t really care that it’s more centralized…or that it’s barely usable three times a week. They just want to get into NFTs without having to pay an arm and a leg.

In order for Worldwide Webb to succeed, it simply needs to grow its network faster than it’s competitors. More people = more network effect. By opening the gates to Solana NFTs, Webb will gain a huge edge over the other metaverse projects on Ethereum.

This is a Blue Ocean Strategy: There currently are ZERO working metaverse projects over on Solana (all projects that I’m aware of: Lofts, Suites, and Portal aren’t even in Alpha. They only have a demo. They’re also all 3D metaverses). I’m pretty sure Worldwide Webb would be the first 2D metaverse that Solana projects could plug into.


I know that it’s complicated to integrate cross-chain interactions in the game. Such as a SOL address trading with an ETH address.

Which is why I suggest that we only integrate NFT Avatars.

No need to integrate items, trading, apartments, or anything that would involve the ETH nft and the solana wallet.

What’s important is that there are more active users walking around exploring the WWW3 world. The more people in Webb, the better. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you.


I fully support onboarding other blockchain NFTs into our world. The Metaverse should not discriminate. Still think our assets should reside on ETH, but no reason to not expand out. I will note that (a Webb copy cat) is doing Solana NFTs, and may have a demo out soon. Realistically, if there is no exclusive agreements with that team, any avatars implemented into that game could also be made into ours, depending on the requirements of the walk cycles etc. Will be a bit of work to get a SOL wallet integration running, but suggest maybe finding a test project with a ‘bounce cycle’, so it could be implemented faster? OR a team that already has walk cycles ready.


Agreed, the items and stuff can be on ETH.

Wow, thanks for sharing. Not to sound like I’m FUDing - but I do like some of the UI stuff they have going on. The mobile teasers are also nice, i dont think i’ve seen any from WWW3 yet?

I also saw this while digging through their Twitter. Seems like they are integrating SOL, AVAX, ETH, and maybe even BSC at the same time. WWW3 definitely needs to make a move in this case.


agree! I’m in the council for “The Sneks” on Solana. Not a big project, but a historical one. I can help with integration as I have access to their art/assets etc. Whatever we need, I can support - also have experience with sprite sheets and the requirements due to dotdotdots integration

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Update May 17th 2022: Solana Summer is really taking off.

The number of active addresess in SOL NFTs has already surpassed ETH. Many of their teams already have sprites done for another metaverse project. It would be smart if we reach out to the team for the projects in this video set up Webb3 integration.

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Amazing point @NFT_Storyteller! I think I can speak for the whole project when I say that we are recognizing that the metaverse will be multichain/cross-chain. Once the current development tasks are done, I will bring this topic up internally.

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