What is the exact name of the game?

What about just WEBB? Not sure the worldwide adds much

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I like * Worldwide Webb3. Once we can abbreviate it on Twitter, speaking to just Webb3. We need a name that can be quick to write/speak and enough to understand what we are talking.


What about Worldwide WEB3?


Fantastic question.
The shorter the name, the more memorable and shareable.

When shared orally, “worldwide” is universally understood.
Webb though is by default misunderstood (web instead of webb).
So you would have to say “worldwide webb with two b”. Not optimal.

On top of that Webb is the last name of the founder: Thomas Webb.
It’s good that our talented and driven founder gets the recognition and respect he deserves. But having this in the project name might do more bad than good.
Imagine how fucked up Facebook would have been if it was called Zuckerberg book (deeply sorry for this comparaison Thomas lol).

For example, it gives the illusion to noobs that it could be a one man project.
If anything happens to Thomas, or if thomas get framed, that will also provide a single point of attack for competitors/press with easy headlines. “Mr. Webb , founder of worlwide Webb did XYZ.”

Let’s call it worldwide.

Good luck getting worldwide.com though :slight_smile:

Just get it quick :wink:


I’ve heard WebbLand and I think that has a nice ring to it!


Some cool domains available:




I really like this one

What do you think about WEBBverse or something in -verse direction?

Worldwide WEBB

For me personally it’s already established as that when it comes to our branding such as Discord and Opensea


I think worldwide webb - but we do something clever with the 3 so the last b looks like a 3.

I get the comments about it being the same as my last name and stuff but it feels like one of those moments like.

Am I in a simulation?
It’s too perfect.
Catch me on Lex Fridman telling this story :eyes:


I think “3” has caught on with people and the community. “WWW3” is generally being used by the community and integrating projects on Twitter. Orally, people refer to us as Web3 in short. So, Worldwide Webb3 is the best that does justice to both.

I would go with Worldwide Web3, without another b, but our logo has two b and it may confuse people with the web3 internet. To accommodate this, I suggest using 3, like it would be used in a cube function i.e. WorldWide Webb^3.

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:eyes: and make that something cool the default currency symbol in game for $WEBB


3 is important ser. Also, I hope Tim Berners don’t serve us with any © issues on using Worldwide Webb.

Another project “Syn City” got caught up in a fiasco with Frank Miller because of his Sin City movie. Getting caught up in it a lose-lose even if one wins because of the time and resources. Legal people will know better.

Worldwide Web or Worldwide W3b maybe?

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I vote “WEBB3” - all caps :slight_smile:


SO… WORLDWIDE W3BB … theres the 3 ! hahahah

I personally like the logo, and believe the game should remain Worldwide Webb.
No 3 anywhere.
It is associated with web3.0 development, but there are clearly already version 1,2 and 3 of web.
While the Webb is unique movement which happens to be happening in Web3.
Imagine, what if Thomas Webb and his team will stick with us up until Web4.0?
Will we be renaming it to Webb4? I’d rather have it as Worldwide Webb until the day no one will be questioning whether there should be one b or two.

Example in conversation:

  • what was the address of that game you told me?
  • it’s Worldwide Webb, with double B.
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I don’t mind the 3 leetspeak, but for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and for n00bs, it could be an issue. I started out as saying WWW3, but with obvious world events, I stopped that.

Recently I say:
WorldWide Webb3
OR for short

It’s important not to have just Web3, as people will abbreviate that, and ‘Web3’ alone is a taken term, therefore should at least have two B’s.


I would only say this because it sounds like decentraland

Worldwide Webb is the most accurate and least confusing. Nearly every podcast host or youtuber talking about it seems confused if its “Webb” or " Web3" and I think changing it now would just add to the confusion.