What is the exact name of the game?

I don’t mind the 3 leetspeak, but for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and for n00bs, it could be an issue. I started out as saying WWW3, but with obvious world events, I stopped that.

Recently I say:
WorldWide Webb3
OR for short

It’s important not to have just Web3, as people will abbreviate that, and ‘Web3’ alone is a taken term, therefore should at least have two B’s.


I would only say this because it sounds like decentraland

Worldwide Webb is the most accurate and least confusing. Nearly every podcast host or youtuber talking about it seems confused if its “Webb” or " Web3" and I think changing it now would just add to the confusion.

I agree with all, Webb3 could be the right way

Simulation = confirmed

My favourite, and what I normally refer to it as in discord: WEBB or The WEBB like Join the WEBB or Welcome to WEBB or go wild and just call the whole project Webb Technologies

Sure, it’s your last name but this is also your baby and it’s fucking perfect! :slight_smile:


How about W3BB World! I currently say www3 verbally.

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I think World Wide Webb sounds clean and it ranks on google :slight_smile:


World wide webb referred to as webb, without numbers, accommodates web2, web3.


I personally refer to us as webb3 and I think it’s a name that’s easily remembered

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Full - WorldWide Webb
Short - Webb3

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I agree with Worldwide Webb3 or Webb3 for short.

My friends around me (non-native speakers) have been referring to the project as WWW (triple-W) or Web3 in short, and I think it is fascinating that we have been thought of as the flagship product.

Worldwide Webb3! Webb3 for short

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I think WWWebb or WEBB

why is the 3 important? if the 3 is important then maybe WEBB3 instead of WEBB

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I like it, after all the web address is webb.game so the webb game or the webb 3 game make sense.

The problem if we call it just webb 3 is that people might get confused as the emergence of web 3.

I don’t know about you but every time I speak in real life I struggle to say Worldwide Webb 3. Maybe it’s because I’m not of English native but it’s like a phonetic exercise for me :joy:

Naming a product/brand is always super hard.

Props to everyone here thinking through this tough exercise and sharing ideas. Thank you!

Personally I think one should always keep in mind these 5 key questions.

Will this name be:

  1. Unique.
  2. Easy for people to remember and spell and say?
  3. Leverage words that immediately help people understand what the product is all about?
  4. Short as possible?
  5. Evoke positive emotions and curiosity?

That said, I like “WebbLand” best.

  • It’s unique.
  • It’s short.
  • It’s easy to say.
  • It has the world “land” in there, which is arguably the most important concept of the product (digital landscapes you explore).
  • It pays tribute to the founder Webb in a subtle way and clever way.

If I try to put myself in the shoes of someone who has no idea what we’re all about, when I see the name “WebbLand” for the first time I probably think:

“OK, probably has something to do with land I can access and explore in a web browser. I wonder if I can walk around in it. That would be neat if all I needed was my browser and not one of those stupid VR headsets. And Web is spelled kinda funky, so there must be a twist to that. I wonder if this has to do with this big metaverse concept I keep hearing about.”

Evoking postive exploratory thoughts, curiosity, and an immediate sense of what the product is all about.


I agree with Pathfinder “WebbLand” it’s a simple but powerful name.

Or will it be W3BBWorld?

I also like the abbreviation “WWW”


I really like webb for this reason


Worldwide Webb

Just as ABBBBBBB posted from Vance Spencer - you want something cool or nostalgic. Worldwide Webb triggers nostalgia. Putting a 3 in there is confusing. Is this Web3, why 2 bbs. There are thousands of Web3 projects - why get lost in the fray.

Worldwide Webb is building a 2D metaverse, which in of itself is nostalgic. Seems consistent for the name to also be nostalgic. Plus how fitting is it that Webb’s name is Webb!! Many big consumer brands have the creator’s name in it.

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Check this tweet. I propose we evaluate the name and branding altogether for a name that evokes nostalgia. Something like “Arcadia”? maybe.

Thinking in the future with mass adoption coming in, it will be very confusing and difficult for normies to find a platform called “World Wide Webb3” without getting a million misleading google results first. SEO will be really hard.

The game is in an alpha version. Imo there is no harm done in rebranding now. Some companies even do it when they are very established and already known.