Where do we go now?

So happy the forum is opened. Now let me detail my thoughts about Webb we love.
The debate in our dc server have continued a period of time. Some fams say we are building a brilliant game and we need enough time. Some fams say the holders are lack of rewards. All these are fair enough. But when the FP keeps going down there is also a problem we need to think - what’s the opinion of the potential buyers of us?

To a certain extend, we can say Azuki ‘have nothing’ before they launched BEANZ. Bobu is an interesting experiment but it doesn’t give holders profits directly.
BEANZ used to be ‘a pile of dirt’, but no one really think it will be just a pile of dirt. No more than 300 lists on the market before it changed to BEANZ.

The strong community makes it for sure. But the root cause is they win the market recognition. The consesus is an indivisible whole including strong community, marketing strategy… and, POSSIBILITIES.Maybe you will say, the PFP project is different to us a game project. But the The FP tells us the market expectation. If I have 2eth, why should I buy a small apartment instead of 1 Karafuru? We holders don’t need to convince each other. What we need to do is convince the market.

Why the market performance of NFT Worlds is better than us?

  • Potential better stream entrance. A move-2-earn app ‘StepN’ in Solana went viral recently. It shows the customer remnant competition in Crypto market is not enough now. NFT Worlds have the potential of attracting a large amount of MineCraft players. So, the mobile version game is so important for us. And more important thing is how can we attract players who is not a crypto investor. Maybe we can let them play without learning how to use MetaMask, give the chances to win NFTs, and then teach them how to claim these Crypto rewards. That will decrease the ‘learning cost’ and the ‘using threshold’. Maybe this way will have a bad influence in our ‘decentralize level’, but I think the vitality of us is more important.

  • ECOSYSTEM. There are more and more projects built in NFTW ecosystem gradually. Some of these projects even use $WRLD as their token. We have more than 50 projects have bought our apartments, but nothing they can do now. I know the development of SDKs and some other things need time. But we still need more communication with them, make them more clear what they can do in Webb.

And what’s more important is we need to have the ability of ‘born’. CyberKongz have a ‘KONGZ TANK’ project which aims to launch new projects in their ecosystem and make their token $BANANA circulate among these projects. They have born 2 good projects - the littles and ZenApes. Since they don’t have a underlying application like us, they don’t do so well in providing more cross-project utilities for $BANANA.

We have da underlying application and we have 50 medium fund. Our community have artists like brise.eth and I believe there are more talented holder still not found. Use the fund to born our own projects, help them develop in our ecosystem, and WLs can be as rewards for land owners. It will help enrich the cultures of our ecosystem and give more value to our lands - many ppl buy projects like Moonbirds and one of the reason is they can keep getting chances for next good project.

I agree some fams’ idea - they don’t wanna get a token with 0 utilities and shit airdrops. But just like I said above, the value is not decide what you and me - we land owners think. It decides on what the whole market think. The timing is so important esp in a market changing so fastly. We now have a plan for airdropping a PFP collection, but what if we release the plan when we are at 4ETH FP?

hack3r always treat the tokenmics as the top secret. Yup when the $WEBB comes it comes. But how will the market think? We don’t have enough transparent info about our VCs and there are so many projects delay their token launching just because conflicts between VCs and holders.

We also hate ‘over promosing’, but IMO you can talk about what you can do and what you wanna do to the market generously. We don’t have heavyweight updates like in-game NFT marketplace, in-game voice chat, etc. in past months. Why there are so many express their dissatisfaction in landowner channel but still not sell? They believe we could be better but no. You can’t let the horse run while don’t let the horse eat grass. The emotional words only hurt the affection between land owners and the real flippers just sell in OS without saying a word.

And what do you think fams? I am willing to discuss with every kind fam and I believe our discussion can make this project better. Feel free to say what you think here I will be so appreciated :))