Worldwide Webb Co-Working Space

Worldwide Webb is perfectly set up to capture a portion of the metaverse office market. There is a US based start up, Gather - which recently raised $50m at a $700m valuation (led by Sequoia) for its 2D office metaverse. Watch this 2 min video and you will see the similarities to Webb.

Gather Demo

Imagine you work at a company and they force you to pick your corporate avatar or you could work in Webb and be yourself, choose what NFT represents you on any given day.

I propose we set up an office building in the Grid to be a co-working hot desk office with conference rooms. Anyone can enter, though maybe if it was popular enough you could have a floor for apartment owners.

This could be a place where there are always people hanging out, taking meetings, discussing the NFT market or marketing or development. Why do we all talk in discord or twitter? If the super-fans met to discuss Webb and other NFT related topics in Webb, then when a new person tries out Webb for the first time they would see a lived-in city, not a vision.


I really like this as a public space for non-land owners (anyone really) to enjoy utility from the game. We could reserve rooms and even have upgrades (guaranteed monthly meeting space for e.g. $100/month), where proceeds are share with land holders.

There is no need to build a separate building, the apartment can be used to organize meetings and discuss things, otherwise what is the apartment used for?

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If you go into Webb today people rarely hang out. As the map has grown it is hard to find other people to hang out with. Hanging out is what drives value on socials. On Oculus the projects with the most value are social - VR Chat or Rec Room.

During Webb’s alpha, I think it would drive daily active users (DAU) to have one building with longer character limits and act as the clubhouse/co-working area for all of Webb - owners and non-owners.

Back in December I remember being in Webb on a busy day (no quests) and talking to a couple people about AVAX. We had an hour long convo using the short text limits, but made due. It wasn’t until then that I even realized the value of the apartment. To talk in a quieter space. But right now anyone can have a quiet conversation in Webb, as people only seem to come on quest days.

This is what Webb looked like on random time on Jan 6, 2022. Lots of people hanging out, chatting in the street.

Here is what it looks like today

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