Worldwide Webb Community Incentive Program

The 4non Creator Fund
In December, an anonymous donor donated 50 medium Worldwide Webb apartments to us, and the 4non Creator Fund was formed. The agreement was that this creator fund would go towards attracting creators towards the Worldwide Webb.

With the current floor price of medium apartments and the value of ETH, this creator fund is valued at around $450,000. This is a fairly big incentive fund for our community, that has not been properly utilized yet.

I am proposing regular competitions that will run for a minimum of one week, that come in form of “Discord Events”, and are promoted on our social media channels to incentivize community activity and promote user-generated content.

In my experience, there are four pillars to a successful community. Vibes, art & stories, devs & builders, and educational & entertainment content.

I would suggest running weekly, or monthly competitions around these four pillars.

Community vibes are important because they promote fun, and fun attracts outsiders. Community vibes can be fostered by things such as memes, music, audiovisuals, organizing regular events to build community bonds & more.

  • Worldwide Webb Meme Week
  • Event organization incentivization

Education, entertainment, evangelism
Educational and entertainment content are important for word-of-mouth marketing on the internet. I see a huge untapped potential for YouTube, Twitch, Music & Written form content around the Worldwide Webb that generates traffic.

  • Twitter Thread incentivization
  • Medium Article incentivization
  • Youtube content incentivization
  • Twitch stream incentivization

Art, Stories & Lore
Good lore is critical to any game because it plays on the fantasy of its users. Education and entertainment spread the word, the vibes glue people to the community, but the art, stories & lore will make them fall in love.

  • Art contest
  • Lore contest

Devs, Builders, Entrepreneurs
To incentivize devs & builders to create things, especially with the quest engine and SDK we have coming out in the future, this should be a big focus. This is likely the core of the developer fund because the infrastructure and the core activities will be created by these actors, and they are the people that others rally around.

  • Themed apartment building competitions e.g. “Medieval”
  • Tooling grants
  • Business grants
  • Sprite sheet bounties

Medium Apartments & Proper incentivisation
We have 50 medium apartments. To have proper incentivization, giving away a medium apartment every time someone wins something is not sustainable in my opinion. Ideally, there are multiple prizes, and multiple people can win something. I would like to discuss possible solutions for this.


The writer quest from pre-mint was fun
Maybe has people propose backstories or predict what they think will happen in the next quest?

I agree- medium apartments should only given away for serious contributions as they are of high worth (multiple month salary for most people).

How often can serious contributions be made in all those areas? Hard to gauge without a lot more thought and data and what webb land wants from the community. Maybe some need to be given with pinpoint accuracy when contributions are deemed worthy after the fact (post contribution). This may even require a vote by apartment holders.

Fortnightly (50 / 24 = ~ 2 years) or monthly (50 / 12 = ~ 4 years) sounds reasonable for a long term horizon- I can foresee some very big things that would deserve an apartment in a couple years like a major opensource code overhaul. Maybe fortnightly then turning to monthly over time as earlier stage requires faster growth.

On the flip side- if the number of amazing contributions (that 100% deserve an apartment) start to stack up setting a fixed monthly rate may be too slow to catch up. Right now I imagine it would be hard to find something worthy to give away a medium apartment on a weekly basis to that’s for sure.

It’s also hard to gauge the time invested to make something- someone developing a tool for webb vs someone writing lore or making a meme. One could take months, the other could be copy pasted in a day. If you set a guaranteed winner on a deadline- and there aren’t many participants and someone wins with subpar contribution, this may feel unfair for those that spent weeks building something. Time taken also may be short sighted- impact of the contribution will ultimately provide the value of the contribution. How much value does the contribution add to the webb community? Given that you can’t fractionalise apartments it makes it hard to give prizes to lesser contributions.

An alternate route- which actually may also help the floor is giving small apartments as prizes in a hybrid approach early on, which are at roughly ~ 1.6 eth at the moment, before the floor rises then switch to giving away only internal stock (medium apartments) when it becomes too costly too give away small apartments.

These are just some thoughts, nothing solid but just opening up some areas for discussion.


The biggest problem at present IMO is the land owners don’t know what they can do. In other words, the utilities of lands couldn’t form a complete chain.
They could play the quests and get the entry of the rare in-game item raffle.
They could build their apartments.
And when they are completed these, all they can do is equipping their avatars and wandering in the maps.
The quests are funny, but actually making Webb an alienated NFT launchpad.
The apartment building tool is cool, but you can’t expect the land owners adjust their indoor layout again and again.I’m an Animals Crossing fan. What makes me to be obsessed it is definitely not only decorating my house.
Even in this respect, we still have so many interesting contents created by community members:

  • Brise.eth’s Webb Weekly
  • Worldwide War I: Lads, Cats & Robots
  • Meme of Medium Apartments’ FP

Let’s talk the above 3 one by one:

  • Brise.eth’s Webb Weekly
    I have contacted with Brise.eth the first time I saw his brilliant work. I gave him some of my ideas about the expansion of content, such as the tarot divination of lands’ FP(making news about weekly price more interesting), short stories with interesting in-game screenshots provided by players(there was only 1 map at that time), funny introductions of team members/interesting stories behind scenes(dev/model building/game quests designing…), any words players wanna tell other players(the form could be diaries/poems…)…
    But, Brise.eth’s power only couldn’t make me mentioned above. I admired him/her keeping bringing such brilliant community art works and I am worried if there is one day Brise.eth will stop his work because he/her is busy in work IRL or so many other reasons.
    I tried to help him in motivating more community members into Webb Weekly’s creation, even create a Twitter account of Webb Weekly, but I failed. Until then I realized our community operation is a failure and our holders shouldn’t be blamed - if the team take the lead to supporting community works, everything would be different. TBH I preferred to build special in-game clubs for our community contents rather than Bobu or some other projs. Just imagine community members could submit their articles/screenshots/suggestions via in-game office.If there are many other talented ppl working together with Brise.eth, maybe we could open the subscribe of the newspaper in our official website(using $WEBB), more interactions could be done based on the richer reading experience in web page(Songs requestion, Marry asking…).

  • Worldwide War I: Lads, Cats & Robots
    A few months ago, Larva Lads got integrated into Webb. Many Mooncats, Pixel Fanggangs and Lads were in the street at that time and they interacted with each other. Shortly after, the interactions developed into ‘Street Fight’.
    I am one of the OG lad and I go to the Lads’ community to motivate lads login the game and occupy the streets to be the strongest gang. Mooncats and Pixel Fanggangs also have enthusiastic holders pushed this together.
    We had nothing to play. The ‘Street Fight’ is just only to motivate holders login the game and gather in the street as many as possibe. I imagined we could have a match, take screenshot in a time and the losing side should go to the toilet of Teshimi, screenshot it then post it.
    hack3r noticed this and released a video of super smash demo. But if the team could organize the ‘Street Fight’ well, we could have done more.
    Time flies. Several days ago I sent the video of super smash demo to my friend, then he told me, ‘You have sent me this before. Are you sure this is not just a meme video?’
    I would never forget that ‘Street Fight’. I am so thankful for those enthusiastic players who pushed this together. And yes, there exists some regrets.

  • Meme of Medium Apartments’ FP
    There was a time, some memes of medium apartments’ FP appeared in Twitter. With these memes some of our holders launched #SaveTheMedium.
    And there was no follow-ups.
    So what I wanna say is, we did have so many topics which could have potential to become a trend. But the problems are:

  • The lands still have no enough utilities to go viral. Many crypto natives and whales have recognized the infinite possibilities of Webb Land, but only this dream could make them proud.

  • Art contest/Meme contest/Build contest… All of these are good. But we still need to give more help to spontaneous activities. The team should make more active guides to develop the potential trends.
    Some other suggestions:

  • Cultural symbols of cities. For example, WETH Coast is the city of rap. If you wanna be in the Rap Night in the future, you should go WETH Coast’s bar. Chain City is the city of graffiti and there will be a long wall for Webb hippies to draw…

  • Voice chat ASAP.
    Let me stop here so that I could go smoking now.